Many organisations seem reluctant to offer any type of employee retail discounts package to their employees, for the most part because they perceive that the costs of doing so would be prohibitive.

In a year when employees may have suffered some financial hardship due to furlough, working reduced hours, or a job saving enforced pay reduction, employee discounts become a practical additional benefit to support workplace morale; with positive outcomes for employers and employees alike.

As well as helping to support employees financially during these unprecedented times, research by The University of Liverpool as far back as 2013 showed that retail discounts were popular with over 30% of employees. As an employer you have to ask whether it’s prudent to ignore these findings, given that keeping employees happy can have positive consequences for your organisation: increased employee engagement, improved productivity, lower absenteeism and reduced staff turnover to name a few.

When employees feel looked after, cared for and that their wellbeing is of prime importance, they generally work and respond in a more committed manner.

An employee discounts scheme can be a practical and cost-effective solution.

Interested? Does this sound like something your organisation can benefit from?

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