DNA testing for ancestry has become increasingly popular in recent times thanks to improvements in testing technology and the emergence of TV programmes where the process is used to track down long lost relatives.

If you have used one of these tests you will be aware that the testing companies can also use the same ancestry tests to tell us about our predisposition to various medical conditions.

From an Employer’s perspective – can genetics be used to improve employees’ health and thereby boost productivity or effectiveness?

In a recent trial, employees gave DNA and blood samples which were then analysed. Each employee then received their health score directly to an app on their mobile phone. The challenge for the employee is to improve their score.

The app then periodically encourages the employee to make small adjustments to their lifestyle by making more positive changes to their diet and adopting a healthy fitness regime. Each employee receives a different nudge based on their DNA and initial score.

Interestingly in this trial:

89% of employees became more active
45% reduced cholesterol levels
80% lost weight  
84% reduced their waist circumference

This type of approach can bring noticeable and lasting health benefits as well as a potential increase in productivity, reduction in absenteeism and lower reliance on traditional healthcare solutions such as private medical and income protection.

As an employer would you like to discuss the benefits of being an early adopter of this technology?

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