With almost 90% of UK households in 2018 owning a computer (Statista 2020), it is understandable that employers have been rushing to replace the traditional Employee Handbook with a benefit package run on a digital platform.

Rarely read and often expensively reprinted; handbooks are now a thing of the past giving employers the opportunity to increase the investment return on the benefits spend by allowing employees access to their benefits 24/7 via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Contrary to popular belief, digitising benefits does not have to be a costly exercise, it’s a matter of finding which platform best fits your organisations’ needs and budget. The key is to agree the main objectives before having your consultant research those platform providers who are most likely to meet those needs within the allocated budget.

Of course, you could do your own research to come up with a shortlist of providers but this is time consuming and how do you know whether a providers’ slick marketing is a stylish attempt to steer you away from their platforms faults,some of which may be dealbreakers, like an inability to replicate your organisations’colourways when the platform is branded, the bundling of benefits you haven’t asked for which make money for the seller or poor compatibility with smartphones or tablets.

Another aspect is choosing a provider that you have a rapport with, as the relationship will likely be ongoinggiven that the platform will have to change to mirror alterations to benefits, your organisations’ branding or seasonal communications.

The good news is that the cost of benefits technology has been reducing, so as an employer you should be able to purchase an engaging system without breaking the bank.

Contact us or Book in for a chat if you are an organisation looking to digitise your employee benefits. At the Benefits Lab we are a provider-agnostic and our role is to support you in ensuring you secure the most effective technology for your budget.

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