If the challenge presented by having to deal with Covid19 wasn’t enough, figures released on 14th January showed that waiting lists for routine treatment had surged to the highest levels ever recorded.

This equates to more than 4.5 million people currently on the waiting list, with almost 200,000 people already having waited more than a year for treatment.

As an employer, if supporting your employees with some form of health cover has ever been on the agenda, now is the time when it is likely to prove more valuable than ever.

From an employee perspective, a health plan means the routine treatment can be undertaken quickly by avoiding the waiting list.  Furthermore, for the employee it minimises any suffering and inconvenience.

As an employer, you reduce the period where the employee’s productivity is negatively impacted, whilst also improving employee goodwill.

So, if you are looking at:

  • Private Medical Cover
  • Cash Plans
  • Virtual GP Services

At the Benefits Lab, we work with all the major healthcare providers and can support your business by finding a solution which works best for your organisation within the available budget.

Contact us at The Benefits Lab by Booking in for a chat.

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